Patients confronted with a cancer diagnosis usually have to refocus their lives. In a short period of time, they make uneasy decisions, set a new hierarchy of goals, plan the next steps in treatment to achieve the goal. To achieve this, they seek information on where and whom to meet in order to arrange a consultation, have tests or surgery performed without undue delay. For such information to be reliable, it must come from a variety of sources, including patients with this experience (such as port implantation) behind them.

Therefore, for those of you who share my belief in the value of their opinions to others, have the desire, and have the technical capabilities, I ask you to post your opinion about your stay and port implantation procedure at the ATTIS Center Hospital at www.znanylekarz.pl.

Besides, as I work, I do not have the slightest influence on these posts.



How to post an opinion about your stay, procedure and staff at ATTIS Center:

  1. In your web browser, go to https://www.znanylekarz.pl/dariusz-jedrasiak/anestezjolog/warszawaa

  2. Then scroll down the screen until you find the section where you can add your opinion:
    Dodawanie opinii
  3.  After clicking "Add your opinion" you can write whatever you want, as long as it is truthful :)