Treatments are performed at the ATTIS Center Short-Term Care Hospital at 89 Górczewska Street, actually at the intersection of Górczewska and Elekcyjna Streets. There are two buildings here - the first from the intersection is the one-story building of the ATTIS Center clinic with a parking lot. The second - going a little further along Elekcyjna Street - is the six-story building of the ATTIS Center hospital.

First you need to reach the surgical registration, or office 95, which is located in the clinic, on the first floor, at the end of the corridor where the radiology labs are located. When you enter the clinic (next to the entrance to the pharmacy and ATM), you have to turn left, walk along the registration windows, and when they end, turn right and walk straight for a dozen more meters. You will reach a place where there will be a long corridor with offices on the right, in front will be stairs and a glass link leading to the hospital, and on the left will be a partially glazed white door. Behind them is a corridor, at the end of which is the destination - office 95.

There the medical history is set up, signatures are collected for statements, in a word, the things that no one is fond of, but which are formally required, are taken care of. On the site, under the downloads tab, there are "Documents for Ladies" and "Documents for Gentlemen." Both contain exactly the same thing - information about the port, about anesthesia for the procedure, a pre-procedure questionnaire, and consents for the procedure and anesthesia.

If you have the opportunity to print out the necessary file and sign the necessary consents before admission to the hospital, it will reduce the time of dealing with paperwork during admission. If not, please read these documents carefully anyway, as exactly the same will be presented to you for signature at the time of admission to the hospital. This will also shorten the time for dealing with formalities during admission.

If the contents of these documents are not known to you at the time of admission, you will have to read them carefully, and this will increase the time of admission to the hospital.

The patient is then led to his room in the ward, a venflon is inserted, which is a peripheral intravenous access, through which a sleeping agent will be administered during the procedure. From that point on, we wait until the operating room is prepared.


Video Registration at the ATTIS Center

This video shows the way to the office, 95 admittedly from the hospital entrance, but the final part of it - the corridor with the radiology labs and office 95 - is shared, regardless of whether you enter the hospital or from the clinic.